Portfolio reports are available only to Admin users.

Management or development personnel covering multiple properties may have the need to compare data across the sites in their portfolio. The Portfolio report collates data for all Park Assist sites for a client and compares key data side-by-side. Each site’s data is presented in column chart format broken down in a few ways:

Date Range: Controls in the upper-right area of the page limit the date range.

Time of day: Organized into three bins: Morning (00:00 to 09:00), Day (09:00 to 17:00), and Evening (17:00 to 23:30)

Comparison of timeframe: Each data category has current timeframe data, the same period one year ago, and the average of the past 12 months. This comparison is useful to track changes.

Average occupancy, dwell time, and turnover are analyzed independently. Below is an example of the occupancy analysis.