For sites using Park Alerts, the Alerts function accesses the rules that property managers use to receive notification when vehicles violate policies. License plate recognition identifies offenders by plate to flag and check vehicles. When a violation is detected, an email is sent to notify interested parties of the event. Two types of policies are available:

Plate Alert: A rule based on presence of specific license plates

Time Limit Alert: A rule based on how long a vehicle has been parked

Each alert has name (i.e. Threat Vehicles, Short Stay Spaces, Employee Parking, etc) describing the rule briefly. Clicking on the name permits editing the following policy parameters:

Plate Alert Parameters

Time Limit Alert Parameters

Name: The name of the policy

Email subject: The subject line of the alert email

Email recipients: The list of email addresses that will receive the alert, separated by commas

Alert is enabled: Enables/disables the policy

Send as daily digest at: Alert emails can be sent only once a day with all violations compiled into a single email digest. This control sets the time when the digest is sent. Leave this field blank to receive individual emails for each violation when it occurs.

Plate list: The list of license plates of interest to this policy, one per line

Maximum Dwell: The posted time limit for the bays in question, e.g. 30 minutes

List type: Blacklists produce alerts when any plate on the list is detected. Whitelists produce alerts when any plate except for those on the list is detected.

Grace Period: An additional period beyond the maximum dwell that is permitted

Plate similarity sensitivity: Controls how closely detected plates must match the list.

Zones: Controls which zones at the site will apply the policy

See Definitions for more information