Bay: A parking space.

Bay Type: Identifiers assigned to bays defining their intended use, and governing color of the Park Assist sensor’s LED indicator light. Some examples include normal/casual, disabled, premium, family, etc.

Dwell Time: The length of time a vehicle parks in a bay.

Region: A part of a Park Assist installation not using camera-based sensors for monitoring. Most often this is a rooftop level or a surface parking lot. Regions are distinct from zones and cannot overlap.

Occupancy: A measure of how ‘full’ an area of parking is. 100% means all bays are occupied, 0% means all bays are vacant.

Offset: An adjustment value that dynamically changes the available count shown on a sign. For example, if 20 spaces are vacant in a given area, an offset of 2 would increase the sign’s displayed count to 22. Negative offset values are permitted; an offset of -3 would change the display to 17 in the previous example.

Turnover: The number of times a vehicle has parked in a bay.

Visit: The full event of a vehicle parking in a bay, occupying it for some span of time, and departing the bay.

Zone: A collection of bays defined for reporting purposes. Most commonly a zone is set to be one level of a parking facility.