The Signs interface accounts for any and all signage within a car park responsible for relaying space availability. Each sign is referred to by its name (by level, by street or just a reference number for a directional sign) and illustrates the amount of available spaces out of the total in the specified signed area as well as how recently the count has been updated and a preview of what the sign reads.

Display mode: The text shown on the sign.

  • Auto: Default mode to automatically display the number of available bays in its assigned area.
  • Blank: No characters displayed. 
  • Full: Display “FULL”
  • Closed: Display “Closed”
  • Staff: Display “Staff”
  • Valet: Display “Valet”
  • Test: Place the sign into test display mode.

Minimum Value: The lowest value the sign is allowed to show.

Maximum Value: The highest value the sign is allowed to show.

Sign Count Offset: The difference between the data and the display you want. Can be negative.

How to: 

  • Change a sign: On the list of all signs, click on the name of the sign you want to change. This will take you to that sign's own page. 
  • Blank out a sign: On the sign's own page, click the "display mode" drop down and click "blank." 
  • Make a sign show fewer open spaces than there actually are:  On the sign's own page, set the "sign count offset." For example, if you want the sign to show 0 spaces available even when there are five available, set the offset to -5.

See Definitions above for more information